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Cardano Moving Forward With Its Digital Transformation Plan For Ethiopia

The Cardano blockchain network has attracted the attention of numerous traders, and investors among other crypto enthusiasts with its vast use cases and network upgrades.

At the same time, one of the network’s projects that have attracted attention is the network’s development Input Output HK’s management solution, Atala Prism. After being revealed to the public, the project has entered the mainstream after being recognized as one of the most influential projects in 2021, by Project Management Institute.

Charles Hoskinson led the development team to meet with the local African entrepreneurs and political figures earlier in October to move forward with Cardano’s plans in the continent.

According to the recent reports, Hoskinson and the IOHK team visited Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education to follow up on the previously mentioned student credential system. Back in August, the IOKH team had announced its collaboration with the Ethiopian minister to develop the aforementioned blockchain-powered system.

The aim of the student credential system was to monitor the performance of students in local schools. The credential system would overhaul academic records of at least 5 million students by entering information such as the attendance and grades of students, on the blockchain to record the data and provide digital identity.

The student credential system is currently in the initial phase as stated by Hoskinson. The founder of Cardano also revealed the IOHK’s team intends to use the credential system as a springboard to launch a national ID system in the country. Hoskinson expects the system would reach 110 million users.

Atala Prism has been described as a game-changer that would improve the educational outcomes of Ethiopia. John O’Conner, the director of IOHK’s African Operations, revealed the project was met with resistance at governmental levels at first, but the state soon realized its merits and went forward.

The Cardano network has previously shown interest in the African continent and launched its first venture earlier this year. The network’s increasing interest in Africa has been called into question on several occasions, though Charles Hoskinson the founder of Cardano, has reportedly shut down any scepticism.

The very presence of IOHK in Africa has raised certain questions regarding the network’s strategy behind its interest. Though it can be assumed that the entire infrastructure of Africa has no allegiance to the system and has not worked well. Making it the perfect opportunity to enter.

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