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Amazon Set to Accept Cryptocurrency as a Means of Payment

Amazon is ready to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment possibly as early as this year. It is said that Amazon has been working on this for some years now and as a result, is ready to accept Bitcoin payment.

Following the new job listing for a cryptocurrency expert and blockchain expert last week, an anonymous source confirmed that  Amazon is set to explore Bitcoin as a standard means of payment as well as other crypto currencies in the future. 

Despite the current uproar, Amazon has not confirmed the claims of accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment. However, the company acknowledges their interest in cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens popular with her younger and tech-savvy  customers.

Although the recent domain purchases by the company may also signify the start of cryptocurrency plans as over two domains relating to blockchain technology were recently registered by the company. It may be that the company is getting set to accept cryptocurrency as a means of transaction for her customers or is planning on launching her own cryptocurrency and this might just be the beginning of Amazon cryptocurrency.

The company has once stated they would not be accepting cryptocurrencies except should the need arise. As the popularity and value of Bitcoin rise so also will the demand and perhaps Amazon will let her customers use it as a means  of payment.

The new job listings for a digital currency and blockchain product lead which will work with the payments acceptance and experience team could be a possible plan of integration in the future should the demand and market value increase.

The company has stated how inspired they are by the innovations of the currency and are willing to explore what it will look like on their market as they believe technology is the bedrock of the future and would want to bring that future to their customers as quickly as they can.

It is good to note that Amazon does not currently accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. There are however some popular apps that allow people to exchange their Bitcoin for Amazon gift cards.

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