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Charles Hoskinson Calls out Cardano’s Critics

Cardano currently is in its third stage of the development road map, Gougen.  A testnet was recently launched with so many expectations for the project to go live on the mainnet in hope that the move will give room for a full integration of contracts on the network in view of the good run it has had this year. However, some critics predict that Cardano may not be able to live up to this hype.

Popularly known as the Ghost of Blockchains Cardano was slammed in 2020 for lack of assets or DAP operating on the blockchain but amidst all the critics, several experts believe that Cardano will be amongst one of the groundbreaking cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Hoskinson promised it is going to be two months of fun in his recent tweet.

It appears that the next two months are going to be fun, as Charles Hoskinson founder of Cardano and IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) shuts down critics while referring to them as delusional. A lot of “meltdowns” and “tantrums” are to be expected, says Charles Hoskinson who has recently stirred up so many emotional reactions. 

Although it has been a year since Hoskinson’s prediction of Cardano with no feasible results, Cardano seems to be going in the right direction now more than ever. A stable coin was also introduced by Hoskinson for the Decentralized Ecosystem called Djed  which he hinted as unique.

However, on the 11th and 14th of July, Cardano announced its engagement with its first simple contract on Alonzo Blue  and White Hard Fork with an expectation of a full roll-out of smart contracts by September on the completion of the purple phase.

The Cardano is set to steadily launch its testnets in stages and color-coded in the hope to eventually implement its smartest contract platform. Each color-coded testnet has its own unique mission and objectives to fulfill. This Alonzo network upgrade is an innovative key step as the product draws closer to its full launch release date in August.

At the end of August, when the Alonzo White finishes its testnet, the Alonzo Purple phase is expected to launch which will see to history-making as the first public testnet for the Cardano Blockchain with smart contracts thereby ensuring a partnership for all its pioneers with DApp.

The HOK development team is working non-stop towards tweaking and testing the upgrade in order to ensure it functions perfectly on the Alonzo mainnet.

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