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Cardano To Prepare For Web And Mobile Integration

The founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson informed the Cardano community of the blockchain’s latest plans in regards to the Plutus application and Javascript to launch web and mobile compatibility applications for respective mediums.

According to Hoskinson, Cardano will soon be integrated into websites and mobile phones. On a video stream aired on Tuesday, Hoskinson stated the team of developers had successfully run the Plutus application with the Javascript backend.

Since the application is now running in Javascript, the most widely used programming language, it implies that Cardano’s smart contracts are compatible with web browsers on the testnet. The update was described as a major development by Hoskinson who stated the objective of the application backend in web browser enables Plutus applications, marking it a huge milestone for the development team.

During the video stream, Hokinson added that further tests were required to optimize the performance and enhance the compatibility of Plutus smart contracts with web browsers.

Cardano plans to launch its smart contracts in a series of updates as a part of the Alonzo hard fork which will offer a platform to users a road laid out for them to introduce them to smart contracts in the blockchain.

The team branched its testnets to the Alonzo White node and commenced further testing with developers and validators on July 14.

The Cardano team is now working to integrate the latest test network with Plutus, the blockchain’s smart contract platform, through a backend development application.

Aside from browser integration, the team has also prioritized the expansion of Mithril, a stake-based threshold multi-signature protocol. The protocol is crucial in fortifying lightweight clients, therefore Mirthril is implemented it will assist the activation of Plutus smart contracts on mobile devices.

As stated by Hoskinson, Mithril will make sure that lightweight clients will verify transactions with sufficient data without downloading the whole blockchain.

Although Cardano has been criticized for its slow development in the past, it has recently moved forward with launching smart contracts on the mainnet. Currently, smart contracts are extensively tested on the Alonzo testnet as evidenced by the core engineering team of IOHK.

The team is also running Plutus Pioneers and has brought more than a hundred integration partners to its blockchain infrastructure.

Cardano’s token ADA has remained relatively stable in price and is trading at $1.17, implying that Cardano’s total market cap is at $37 billion.

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