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After Rising 20% In One Week Ethereum Hits New All-Time Highs

Some holders of Ethereum have spent the last few months concerned with the price action and the speculation surrounding ETH. On this site, we have always been bullish about the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency but with negative talk about their gas fees and the price being rejected at key resistance points several times many were thinking that other alternatives needed to be explored.

Thankfully, in the space of a few days, all of this has changed as patience has been rewarded and for those who have bought the several dips in the last few months then this easter period is set to be a very exciting one. Yesterday the price of ETH surpassed $2100, taking the price past its previous all-time high.

Visa Announcement Helped Boost Ethereum’s Price

On March 29th Visa announced that it will integrate payments with USDC through Ethereum’s blockchain. If you like to keep up to date with the crypto community there is a strong chance that you would have realized that many were waiting for this to happen as they knew it was extremely likely to have a positive effect on the price.

Even though ETH has seen impressive gains the momentum has gone through the entire market. If you were to head over to coinmarket.com you would be able to see that almost every coin is seeing some gains. Chainlink and Litecoin, two coins that have been similarly stable in price have also seen a 20% gain this week.

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