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Which Altcoins Are Flying At The Moment?

With many experts predicting that Bitcoin dominance will slow down in the month of April leading to many Altcoins outperforming Bitcoin during the coming months it is worth looking at the market at the moment to look at which coins are showing the most potential.

Coins like Filecoin and Klay have arrived from seemingly nowhere and now at the time of writing are not far away from breaking into the top 10 coins in terms of market cap. If you had bought these coins a few short weeks ago then you would be reaping the rewards now. It is highly likely that these coins will see some drawback in the coming weeks so can we jump on the train of other altcoins before the train is in motion?

A Good Time To Pick Up Theta And VET?

These two coins saw a lot of momentum in the previous month and are now seeing an inevitable drawback which could represent a good time to invest. Theta currently is 11% down for the week and still has a modest market cap while VET is yet to recover from the crash a week ago and we expect it to burst through these levels of resistance again very soon.

Diversify Your Profile And Invest In Smaller Projects

If you have a lot of money in crypto you would probably be best suited to having a risk-averse approach. This would be achieved by investing in coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin that would almost without doubt rise if this current bull run continues. However, it is worth leaving a small amount of your portfolio to lesser-known projects as if these explode it can lead to you becoming very rich. Also if only one of these projects came off it would make up for the others who don’t do as well as you were hoping for.

We recommend you follow many experts on the field through social media and youtube and keep your eyes across social media to check out what is going on and which coins have solid fundamentals and more importantly for profit, huge backing! It is not unheard of to see 100 times gains in the crypto market and if you have a big portfolio you should really consider devoting parts of your portfolio to these lesser-known projects.

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