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ADA Security Flaws Are Being Investigated by The Cardano Foundation

The program called “Bug Bounty” will reward programmers for identifying flaws in the cryptographic protocol site’s network. The non-profit is partnering with bug consulting company HackerOne to disclose cyber attacks. Bug Bounty initiative will leverage HackerOne’s software developers and meticulous processes in the next few months, in partnership with the Cardano Foundation. If any efficiency problems are identified, they will be investigated to see if they constitute a significant security threat or probable attack to core Cardano subsystems. Software developers are motivated to identify flaws and appropriately expose them so they may be corrected before severe harm is done via bug bounty initiative.”

Software developers are better at discovering weaknesses in blockchain systems, the Cardano Foundation says. On HackerOne, incentives for disclosing each Cardano bug vary from $300 to $10,000, based on the intensity of the flaws found. “No institution is impervious to data breaches. There’s just one way to stop hackers from taking advantage of them: discover them and repair them before they can exploit them,” says HackerOne’s John Defterios. He says, “Think imaginatively and discover locations where flaws may be ‘linked’ together. Pressure testing of Cardano’s system begins as the cryptocurrency reaches the “last, vital phase” of clever contract implementation. On September 12th, IOHK claims it will formally update the Cardano blockchain to include smart contracts. A new age of smart contracts will be born, reports Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) to be born on September 12. IOHHK: “To guarantee that we’re ready to update the core Cardano network, we’ll be performing final inspections and debugging in a controlled and monitored environment” 

Regulations for the Initiatives

According to HackerOne’s website, these are some of the rules to be followed by potential ethical hackers; If at all feasible, provide detailed findings that can be replicated. It will not be eligible for the award if the complaint is not detailed enough to recreate the issue. In the absence of the requirement to tie concerns with each other for the greatest impact, just one vulnerability should be reported in each report. There will only be one recipient in the event of a duplicate entry. 

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