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Cardano’s Sidechain Project to Introduce Ethereum Smart Contracts on Its Blockchain

For Cardano, this year has been marked with various developments and innovations that continue to boost the blockchain’s success. A recent one is the introduction of smart contracts on the blockchain’s mainnet, much to the delight of its users and investors. This was announced by the CEO of IOHK, the firm responsible for creating and running the Cardano protocol. The integration of smart contracts into the platform was possible due to a sidechain project developed by DcSparks and it would allow smart contracts to feature on Cardano. This project which is named Milkomeda is the first of its kind developed by its creators and it would run on Ethereum and its tokens. 

In addition to this, the project would also allow operations between Cardano and other layers of blockchains. This of course is a strategic development that would be highly beneficial when implemented as the interconnection between these blockchains would be beneficial to both parties. According to the project developers, they aim to help the platform become an easily accessible and trustworthy blockchain. This project is also planned to be launched on the exchange’s mainnet. To the developers, Cardano is the perfect platform where such a project would gain the right amount of traction and use. 

This is because since 2017 when the blockchain’s mainnet went live, it has attracted a huge number of user patronage and activities. Presently, the network is one of the major cryptocurrency projects existing in terms of market capitalization. With over two thousand stake pools, it is a well-known blockchain currently operating. These and a few other reasons contributed to DcSparks involvement with Cardano and its decision to pioneer the Milkomeda project. The significance of this project cannot be overemphasized as its adoption and operation present various benefits to the network and its users. 

Milkomeda And Its Impact on The Cardano Blockchain

Certain projects turn the tides and fortunes of blockchains and it would apply in this case with Cardano. This particular project would be very beneficial to blockchains whose reach and level of use are not up to that of Ethereum just like Solana and Cardano. Milkomeda intends to bridge this gap by providing such networks with technology that allows them to offer an interface easy to navigate by users of different levels. This is achieved by connecting the mainnet and blockchain’s cryptocurrency as the central asset for payments of trading fees. 

All processes involved in making it happen are the responsibilities of the project. Furthermore, this project would see the introduction of wrapped smart contracts which is a platform that allows users to perform smart contracts on the side chain. Amazingly, this operation would take place without visiting the side chain itself. This way, users would not need to switch wallets or be redirected through unfamiliar operating systems or interfaces. 

Users of Cardano are significantly looking forward to the implementation of this project on the platform as it promises to increase their trading experience and guarantee their security. 

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