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How Roobet’s Crypto Crash Game Works

Roobet offers a significantly superior user experience than most of its gambling competitors, especially when it comes to Crash. 

One of the great highlights of the platform is the possibility to enjoy bonuses such as Roowards, the Rain Bot,  or the Roobet free money promo code and use these benefits to increase your chances of winning in various games.

In this article, you will find out how  the Crash game in Roobet works.

Roobet Crypto Crash Gameplay – All You Need to Know About it

Roobet casino offers a solid game catalog featuring at least 38 different high-quality software providers, including world-class brands such as NetEnt, Play’n Go, Evolution, Pragmatic Gaming, and BGaming.

Nonetheless, the website’s hit is the high-hazard Crash game. Here’s a detailed description of Roobet’s Crash experience:

Design & Functionality

Designed based on Roobet’s beloved mascot called Roo, the Crash dashboard features a neat graph with a nice dark-lighted background featuring Mr. Roo dressed as a Space Force astronaut having loads of fun riding a rocket sky up. 

On the left side of the dashboard, you will find the appropriate sections to place a bet and set up gaming options. Right below, you can see the number of players participating in the gambling session, identifying them by profile name with their respective bets. 

Under the Crash dashboard, players can check the “Leaderboard” with the highest wins and luckiest wins. It is possible to filter information based on the last 7 days or all-time victories.

Preparing for a Big Win

No matter how good-looking the platform is, you will eventually have to stop contemplating the game and place a bet to test your luck. First and foremost, you need to sign up or register.

Once you’re properly logged into the platform within the Crash section, you have two game options – “Manual” and “Auto.” 

As these terms suggest, the first allows you to play manually while the latter allows you to set up the options first and then let the good times roll automatically. 

Once you’ve decided which one is better for your case, feel free to enter the amount you want to wager in the “Bet Amount” box. Feel free to deposit using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

Right beside, you find automatic options to lower the amount by 1/2 or double it. You can also click on “Max” to put everything on the line and dry out your account balance.

The “Auto Cashout” option allows you to determine a fixed multiplier at which you would like to withdraw from the game, which will depend a lot on your gambling style and personality. 

In the “Auto” mode, you can set up additional options, such as the number of total bets, the percentage at which you would increase or reset the amount wagered on a win or a loss, and automatic stops for wins and losses. 

Riding Roobet’s Crash Rocket – Winning Wild and Big 

Before the real game starts, users are free to click on “Play Demo” to go through a little demonstration. After placing a bet and setting up the controls according to your preferences, you can click on “Place a Bet” or “Start Autobet” to start.

The higher the spaceship rises on the graph, the higher the multiplier number becomes. As expected, players have two options – to cash out at a certain multiplier or wait a bit until the multiplier rises more.

If you fail to cash out and the spaceship crashes, you will automatically lose the amount wagered. However, if you are lucky enough to wait and cash out at the perfect multiplier number, you can withdraw a nice payout. 

Highly Thrilling, Highly Profitable – How Good is Roobet’s Crypto Crash Game After All?

If you are a die-hard fan of Crash, Roobet is a must for your case. Designed to support only cryptocurrency payments, both novice and experienced gamblers will easily perceive the platform’s effort to deliver the best Crash gambling experience of the segment.

In addition to instant payments and a thrilling gambling experience, users can also enjoy generous ongoing promotions and exclusive promo codes. This way, gamblers can save money and have fun at the same time.

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