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Slim Jim Has an Official Dogecoin Strategy

Slim Jim, the meat stick vendor has revealed that he has an official Dogecoin strategy, which at the time of writing is trading at 30 cents which represents a 200% increase for the week. His strategy would only a few days ago been questioned by many but with such unprecedented gains, it is almost impossible now for anyone to pick holes in his logic.

The media-savvy snack food saw a surge of followers on its Twitter account this recent month of a massive 160%, while tweet impressions soared also with an incredible 35 million impressions in 25 days. This all came about after it started engaging in Shiba Inu meme coin content last quarter, according to the CEO of parent company Conagra Brands.

“We’ve seen a marked uptick in audience interaction, including direct engagement and advocacy from the person [who] created dogecoin,” CEO Sean Connolly said on Conagra’s April 8 earnings call.

For months now, many experts were placing warning signs all over the place when it came to investing in DOGE as many believed that the meme-inspired coin already had its day in the sun. However, a 200% increase for the week has blown all theories of that nature out of the water.

Connolly further added that Jim’s community is based on memes which happen to be the inspiration behind DOGE in the first place. If reports are true he has no intention of selling yet at all and will only be content when the cryptocurrency reaches the moon.

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