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Elon Musk Working With Dogecoin Developers?

After Elon Musk revealed that Tesla would no longer be accepting payments of Bitcoin this has lead to speculation of which coin they might choose next. Most logical theories gravitated towards more eco-friendly projects, which saw the likes of Cardano and Nano rise yesterday. However, Musk has confirmed on his Twitter account that he is working with DOGE to simply put, improve their technology.

He might not care about this, but Musk is in danger of going from hero to zero in the crypto community after his shellshock tweet impacted the market drastically. DOGE is still thought of as many as a joke coin and a fair percentage of people in the community have been left frustrated that the world’s richest man hasn’t taken this opportunity to work with a more established project.

Of course, DOGE holders will be very pleased to hear that Musk is having these conversations and if improvements are made to the technology, with the considerable financial backing of Musk, Dogecoin might no longer be viewed simply as a pump and dump scheme. Down below is a tweet from The CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson in response to the news that Musk is working with Dogecoin.

As of yet, we don’t really have any information about exactly what Musk is planning or if the foundations of Doge are as such that improvements of this nature can be made. All we know is that Musk is going to be the centre of the crypto world for a little while yet.

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