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Dogecoin Co-founder Plans To Introduce DOGE Tipping

The adoption of online tipping has reached a point where it is fast becoming the go-to way of leaving a tip for others as a show of appreciation overusing fiat currency.

The co-founder of Dogecoin, Billy Markus, is adding more features to the first meme-themed cryptocurrency globally to make it a more valuable and all-around utility for transactions.

Markus has recently announced his intention to work with the Twitter development team to integrate DOGE tipping into their platform after the social media giant previously added Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.

According to Markus, he will work with Twitter to add the DOGE feature to their platform just like they did with others to enable the Dogecoin community to feel a sense of belonging. And he further asserts that he will do all he can to see that his goal is realized.

Why Markus Wants DOGE Tipping To Be Added To Twitter

The Dogecoin co-founder wants the meme cryptocurrency to be an integral part of the crypto ecosystem and partner with the mainstream media to put Dogecoin in the spotlight and achieve the exposure he has always dreamed about for the coin. He sees no reason why DOGE wallet should not be added to the Twitter platform, as Bitcoin and Ethereum are as great as the meme token.

Markus intends to achieve this whenever he uses his Twitter handle by using a hashtag to draw attention to and initiate a conversation about the need for Twitter to consider adding the DOGE wallet among those of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He wants to keep on bugging the Twitter team to grant his demand to allow DOGE to be used for tipping on its platform, and he is also banking on the support of the Dogecoin community to achieve his aim.

The Dogecoin Community Is Ready To Support Markus

As has always been the case, whenever a positive move is made to improve DOGE’s utility, the robust Dogecoin community is always ready on the go to lend their steadfast support. After Markus tweeted his announcement of the plan he has in store for DOGE featuring as a tip-in on Twitter, the majority of the commenters retweeted and shared his statements. 

Others even say they could use their handle to tweet using the appropriate hashtag to let the Twitter team know how serious they are in their resolve to advance the cause of Dogecoin.

However, the Twitter team has yet to respond to the clamor for integrating DOGE tips among the previous two already combined; no announcement has so far been released by them.

Influencers Can Receive Tipping On Twitter

Previously, the social media giant enabled users of its platform to be able to give tips to their favorite content creators. However, the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was an avid Bitcoin fan; hence, Bitcoin was added when he was still in charge. Twitter later included Ethereum after Dorsey stepped down from his position as CEO of the platform.

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