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Did Musk Draw A Giant ‘DOGE’ On His Giga Texas Site?

Elon Musk is much loved for his antics. It is not commonplace to see such a man with laser eye focus have such a sense of humor. We love him for his support of DOGE and crypto in general in recent months. His memes about the cryptocurrency have helped elevate the price and have introduced millions to the space who previously had nothing to do with crypto.

Musk has stated several times that he likes to use his Twitter account to express himself and if you follow his account you will know exactly what he means by this. For the purposes of DOGE, he continues to promote the coin through a medium of memes which almost always leads to a surge in price.

Unexpectedly, Tesla appears to have hidden yet another big DOGE-related easter egg in its Gigafactory Texas site. The site is being constructed at a rapid pace and the progress is always being closely followed by members of the Tesla community online with regular drone flyovers being conducted on the construction site.  It was in one of these flyovers that Elon Musk’s latest Easter egg may have been discovered.

At the far west side of the facility, there appears to be a removal of soil that happens to resemble a dog, not unlike the symbol of Dogecoin. Now this could be pure coincidence and maybe we are just seeing what we want to see but it would be very typical of the world’s richest man’s sense of humor. 

Click on the video below and you can watch the latest flyover the facility and you can make your own mind up. What we do know though is that Musk continues to drive the price of DOGE and the more support he shows the more likely it is that he will stay for the duration.

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