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Carl Icahn May Invest $1.5B In Crypto

85-year-old billionaire Carl Ichan, the former advisor to the Trump administration and founder of Ichan Enterprise, recently announced his entry into the world of cryptocurrency. In an interview with Bloomberg, the billionaire teased the idea of investing up to $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency.

Icahn is a renowned Wall Street figure and described as an activist investor and shareholder. According to Forbes, Icahn has a net worth of $15.6 billion. The renowned investor was initially skeptical of cryptocurrency, during an interview with CNBC in 2018, Icahn stated the idea of cryptocurrency was ludicrous, and he had no interest in indulging with the market.

Currently, Icahn has not invested in any cryptocurrency yet, however, the billionaire stated in an interview with BloombergTV, that he studies the crypto sector not to invest, but to determine any opportunities in the sector.

But recently the billionaire has changed his views and considered investing in cryptocurrency. Icahn stated that he will enter the crypto industry with a large investment, during an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday. However, Icahn did not specify the exact amount of investment he will make, merely teased the figure to be around a billion dollars.

Icahn is now one of the few billionaires who have invested in cryptocurrency after initially being skeptical of the market’s success in the past few years. The billionaire did not disclose which cryptocurrency he will invest in, but rather stated his belief that cryptocurrency today will not survive in the long-term, and will be flushed out of the market.

Icahn is known to use his investment in a company to facilitate the changes in how the company operates. His $14.5 billion company Icahn Enterprises is an American conglomerate that has investments in several well-known companies such as CVR, Pep Boys, and Trump Entertainment Resorts.

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