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YouTube Removes and Later Restores Anthony Pompliano’s Channel

Widely popular video platform YouTube recently deleted the 251K+ subscriber channel of Anthony Pompliano, then later restored it. Pompliano is the cofounder of Morgan Creek Digital and he also hosts The Pomp Podcast.

In a tweet posted on his Twitter on Monday, Pompliano, who is a Bitcoin bull famous for his interviews enlightening sceptics as well as others on cryptocurrency, revealed that he had received a message from YouTube. The message had claimed that a recently uploaded Livestream of his interview with PlanB, a stock-to-flow model creator promoted unlawful activities.

As a result, the Bitcoin bull’s channel had been inaccessible for nearly two hours before being restored back into the platform. All of his videos on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were also once again accessible to the public.

Pompliano revealed that YouTube had stated that the content in the upload, i.e., an interview regarding Bitcoin, was harmful and unsafe. He then added that they told him his channel would be receiving a strike, only to inform him seconds later in another email that his channel was going to be removed.

According to what Pompliano stated, he had not received any strikes, which mark the violations of YouTube’s policies. Three strikes occurring within ninety days can lead to a channel on the video platform being permanently deleted. The video apparently did not have any offensive content or anything otherwise. Nonetheless, the video platform’s policies reveal that it owns the right to delete channels for a sole case of serious abuse. It also reserves the right to delete accounts with content that includes harassment, bullying, hate speech, or impersonation.

Pompliano had been able to get the attention of the video platform’s support team on Twitter in a matter of minutes. This must have been due to his 1 million+ followers and blue tick. Other cryptocurrency content creators have claimed that they had to wait several days for a response after getting their channels removed.

YouTube had targeted cryptocurrency-related content present on the platform in the past, its algorithms automatically classifying videos on Bitcoin and other digital currencies as dangerous content. They would then later leave human reviewers to analyze any possible grounds for appeal.

This apparently random removal of the channel of a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space emphasizes the dangers of depending on a “centralized” platform the likes of YouTube.

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp had also gone offline for approximately six hours, most possibly hindering community involvement surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

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