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Users Can Now use ADA For Payments On Flexa Network

Users can now use ADA for payments on Flexa, a leading digital payments platform. Just days ago, the token supporters had been disappointed by Bitpay, another payment platform that chose to list Shiba Inu in place of ADA. Bitpay’s choice had disappointed many who felt ADA deserved it over SHIB based on the polls, but they are sure to find solace in Flexa’s announcement. 

Flexa told holders of ADA that they could now use their tokens as payment in thousands of sites in America. They encouraged users to get their app called SPEDN to make payments with their ADA. Flexa added that users could get up to 20% discounts at Regal Movies throughout December.

Flexa Holiday Event

The list of sites where users could make payments with their ADA includes bookshops, jewelry stores, gaming shops, and even food stores. Flexa added ADA as a payment option as part of its holiday event tagged 25 days of Flexa; within the period, the payments platform has announced deals, partnerships, and listings for each day. It is currently backed by popular exchange and custody Gemini.

Flexa, within the period, unveiled its inclusion of many DeFi and stablecoins. In addition, the payments platform continues to expand its reach in the payments industry lately, including developing SPEDN. Flexa’s SPEDN wallet enjoys the custody and security of the Gemini infrastructure through the platform’s collaboration with the leading exchange.

Flexa’s El Salvador Presence

Over two months ago, Flexa partnered with the biggest bank in El Salvador as the country adopted Bitcoin as an accepted means of exchange. The bank with thousands of service points collaborated with the network to optimize Bitcoin transactions for its users. The partnership meant that the institution now accepts Bitcoin as payment for its wide array of banking services. It is the first of such partnerships globally and promised no extra fees to users.

At the time, the Chief Operating Officer of the large bank Carlos Mauricio Novoa, expressed his joy at the bank being the first in the country to give its clients access to the number one cryptocurrency. Novoa added that the bank remained dedicated to embracing innovation and development, citing that Flexa played a key role in optimizing the experiences of its clients in dealing with Bitcoin transactions. He added that the partnership was going to be long-term.

Cardano’s Outlook

Cardano, in recent times, aside from the Bitpay disappointment, has had to deal with criticisms surrounding its lack of dApps, the difficulty of its programming language, and a recently discovered loophole in its system. Many in the community have decried the lack of dApps projects on the network, which touts itself as more secure than the competition. The last time they saw a project was about 11 weeks ago. 

Cardano has since assured users that Apps are in the works. They have implored users to remain patient, saying projects will launch sooner than later. However, the ADA community remains resilient to FUD, and the new listing is certain to sustain that belief.

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