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Roofing Company Among Rising Number of Scottish Companies Being Paid in Crypto

With Bitcoin’s reputation soaring, an ever-growing number of Scottish firms have started to introduce crypto payments. A roofing company located in Glasgow now claims an increasing number of clients, retirees included, are inclined to pay in cryptocurrency.

Kaeleb Mckay’s business with his father happens to be among the growing band of firms that accept digital currencies as opposed to cash. Most of those companies are development tech-related. However, a growing group of smaller businesses have also started accepting the cash alternative, which has soared in value throughout the past decade.

McKay, 20, stated that he has been astounded by the number of people who acknowledge cryptocurrency since his business by the name of ASAP Roofing and Building Ltd. started recognizing it last year. The corporation, which he has been running with his father for the past three years, acknowledges a vast variety of virtual payment, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and XRP included.

Mckay, who is a Wishaw (in Lanarkshire) resident, stated that he and his father have been accepting payments in cryptocurrency for a while because according to him, it is ideal for a business since it gets paid immediately. He revealed that he had had a vested interest in crypto trading since the year 2014. He had done a roof repair for approximately £500 in November for a retiree in her late sixties in Glasgow, and she had insisted on paying in Bitcoin.

Digital currencies are traded with an internet background and do now have a central bank. They, instead, use decentralized technology that promotes safe payments as well as shared transaction information, and that makes it complicated to use them illegally.

Kaeleb further emphasized the importance of researching one’s options and revealed that he has managed to make great investments in cryptocurrency, despite them seeing their ups and downs.

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