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Robinhood Trading App Introduces 24/7 Phone Support For Their Growing User Base

One of the most popular trading apps, Robinhood has recently announced the launch of 24/7 mobile support to better facilitate its ever-growing number of users. The live customer support is available for all users, including the millions of crypto users who have registered their accounts

While customer service is a must-have option for every business, but it has been a major issue for crypto traders in terms of facilitation or in some instances, the lack of a support system. In a previous report, the leading crypto exchange Coinbase faced a serious issue as thousands of users were unable to reach the exchange’s customer support system even after their accounts were compromised.

Customer service in crypto exchanges is often panned negatively mainly due to scalability issues, as trading platforms are not able to scale their support staff quickly enough. This issue is particularly seen during bull markets. Millions of traders are unable to access their accounts because of this issue as it often causes the infrastructure to overload during periods of high volume.

Though Robinhood has taken notice of this issue and attempted to facilitate its user base with live customer support service. According to the company’s announcement, users will be able to access customer service by requesting a call through the mobile app and receive a notification showing when they are next in line for a conversation with a Robinhood representative. The company representative will initiate the call at the specified time.

The company also stated that users will be access customer services 24/7 regardless of holidays. The 24/7 support line was a part of the company’s plan to expand reliability and accessibility to users. It also serves as an answer to time-sensitive requests from its users.

The chief operating officer of Robinhood Crypto, Christine Brown, has reportedly stated that the company is scaling up its customer service to high volumes and longer wait times, common characteristics of large exchanges. She confirmed that as of June, the company’s customer support staff had 2,700 members. Robinhood plans to grow to its customer service team by 2 and a half this year.

Robinhood offers commission-free trading services with the option to purchase investments, including stocks and cryptocurrencies. During Robinhood’s public filing back in July, it was revealed that the company had $80 billion in assets with 18 million registered accounts.

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