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Miami Mayor Presents Clean Nuclear Energy to Bitcoin Miners based in China

As Bitcoin mining expands in North America, Francis Suarez, the current mayor of Miami, is working to appoint his city as a hub of crypto mining activity. When being interviewed by CNBC this Thursday, Suarez stated that he is going to offer foreign mining firms the opportunity to establish data centers within the city.

According to the mayor, the abundant nuclear power supply in Miami should draw in Bitcoin miners who wish to utilize clean power sources for their procedures, especially considering there is a concern regarding the presumed carbon footprint of cryptocurrency mining.

Suarez has already taken notice of the issue, claiming earlier in March that 90 percent of Bitcoin mining was derived from “dirty” energy. During that time, mayor Suarez maintained that a slight change in mining concentration to the US might aid in easing environmental challenges.

Suarez declared that local authorities were aiming to bring down the cost of power together with power supply companies to draw in foreign Bitcoin miners. According to the mayor, other stimuli such as reduced regulations and favorable taxes are also being offered.

The use of clean, cheap, and cryptocurrency-compliant regulations may help Miami compete against other developing Bitcoin mining hotspots in Wyoming and Texas. This plan might also broaden Miami’s cryptocurrency adoption drive since the city aims to become the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin capital worldwide.

Mayor Suarez’s direct invitation to foreign miners also comes at a time of increased crackdowns on cryptocurrency mining by the Chinese government. This Friday, it was revealed that cryptocurrency miners in Ya’an, (present in the province of Sichuan) have been forced to close down their operations.

With Beijing authorities openly discouraging crypto miners from running their operations, better offers like the ones from Miami may be able to attract miners wishing to relocate from China. Crypto miners have already made plans to leave the nation with a rep for BTC.top confirming that they do want to go abroad.

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