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Landon Cassill: The First NASCAR Driver to be Paid Cryptocurrency

It has been revealed that Landon Cassill is going to be the leading NASCAR driver to be funded completely in crypto in a sponsorship contract with Voyager that is set to begin at the Nashville Superspeedway this current weekend.

Voyager is a crypto brokerage platform that reached a nineteen-race contract to sponsor the driver in his JD Motorsports entry in the Xfinity Series. Voyager will settle the funding to Cassill, who has been quite active in the crypto market for many years, in Litecoin.

Cassill first got acquainted with Steve Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager, at a cryptocurrency conference a couple of years before Cassill acted as a panel spokesperson. He had had the sponsorship idea rolling ever since that event.
According to Erhlich, Landon Cassill’s focus witnessed on the racetrack is the same in everything else he steps foot in. He added that Landon also shares their goal of crypto gaining mass popularity. He was proud that they were the first-ever company to obtain a sponsorship with NASCAR, that too completely with crypto.

Cassill revealed that while Voyager is paying for the sponsorship according to prices on the market, the funds will be in cryptocurrency. He added that the payment is a portfolio of virtual assets including Bitcoin as well as Litecoin, valued at commercial rates.

He said that while he could trade it out right away before any changes in the market or even hold on to it as the market experiences its fluctuations, pay some of his bills with it and keep the rest.

He stated that he has been very interested in crypto for many years to the point that he has witnessed noticeable gains in his portfolio. He also said that he feels no reluctance to establish a deal centred around paying in crypto instead of cold cash.

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