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Ethiopia Employs Cardano’s Blockchain For Educational Systems Management

On the 29th of April, Cardano held an event focused on the work they will implement in Africa. The most notable of these announcements was that the Ethiopian government was going to use Cardano to monitor the results of their students. This is believed to have an effect on approximately 5 million students in the country.

Cardano’s parent company IOHK announced that the government of Ethiopia will be utilizing Cardano’s platform to streamline the country’s educational systems management. This groundbreaking partnership between a country and a crypto asset will see five million students and 700,000 teachers benefit from the system. The network will be powered by Atala PRISM, a decentralized identity solution.

The fundamentals of the Cardano platform will make it easier for the government to keep hold of such records as well as reduce the cases of fraud as someone’s real information should be now more readily available for any employer to use. This even by the government’s own admission is something that has plagued the country for decades now.

Commenting on the partnership, Ethiopia’s minister of education, Getahun Mekuria noted:

This initiative is about bringing technology to improve the quality of education. It’s very practical to think of blockchain technology as a way to improve the quality of education.

In the first year of onboarding, the project targets the addition of all teachers and the 3,500 schools in the country. The second year of onboarding will entail adding all the five million secondary school students.

At the time of writing ADA is up 11% for the day which is symbolic for the crypto market in general as there is a sea of green everywhere with the market cap for the entire industry now being worth $2.35 trillion.

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