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Daily Price Watch: Bitcoin Close To Breaking All-Time High!

Bitcoin touched $58k today as it looks set to smash its all-time high that was reached in February. The US stimulus checks are reported to cost the American government $1.9 trillion and some research suggests that a significant amount of people intend to contribute some of their stimulus package towards the crypto markets. With all of this price accumulation, it will be interesting to see what Monday brings.

Ethereum Set To Explode?

Youtube’s most famous crypto content maker with over 600,000 subscribers Bitboy has predicted that Ethereum will reach $3k by the end of this month. This would see about an 80% rise from where the price is now. 

Previous bull runs support his theory as seeing such huge spikes after a long period of price consolidation was exactly what happened in the three previous bull runs. Holders of ETH will know that the price action hasn’t been all too overwhelming for about a month now although if you bought the dip at $1300, you will be sitting on a nice profit already.

VET Continues To Pump

If you are looking to invest in Altcoins with a modest market cap then VET would be a good place to start. Often touted as an Altcoin with huge potential the coin has seen a growth of 32% this week and still has a market cap of just over $4 billion dollars. If Bitcoin pumps as hard as we expect it to during this bull run it’s very conceivable that VET will see some huge gains.

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