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Daily Price Watch, 8th March: Bitcoin Goes Past 50k Again

Could this be the last time we will ever see Bitcoin below $50k? Many holders will certainly hope so. In recent weeks Bitcoin has gone up and down like a yoyo and it looks currently that the price has found its new low around the $47k mark.

Yesterday Ethereum lead the resurgence of the crypto market and today Bitcoin is doing the same, making the next 24 hours a significant moment in Bitcoin’s price history. If it continues to rise the momentum on this one has the potential to be huge.

Uniswap Now Has The 8th Biggest Market Cap

The Price of Uniswap is up 70% for the week and 13% for the day. Meaning that this coin has leapfrogged several others and now sits in 8th place for crypto coins with the biggest market cap. It now unbelievably sits above well-respected coins such as Chainlink, XLM, and Litecoin! We do expect to see a little pullback in the coming week though as we expect more money to be pumped back into Bitcoin.

XRP Price Remains Stable With Possible Good News On the Horizon

This site reported the other day that Ripple’s law case can soon be thrown out due to their lawyer putting forward the case that the claims made against XRP are beyond the statute of limitations which is set at 5 years. This news has made Ripple quite stable and any significant news on this matter would send the coins price through the roof.

If the lawsuit were to be dropped it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the price did a 10X in the space of a few months. This is taking into consideration that this coin will have to catch up on all the momentum it lost when this lawsuit was announced.

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