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Crypto & Blockchain-Related Job Shares Grew 118% In 10 months

The recent data on crypto assets and blockchain-related job markets reveal the increased demand for experts in the field. It is now evident that the increase in the number of institutions adopting crypto assets and blockchain technology spurred greater demand for experts in the sector as many blockchain firms are hiring candidates with backgrounds in the field.

According to the recent statistics report cited by the employment website Indeed, from Korea IT Times on Thursday, the shares of crypto and blockchain-related jobs have skyrocketed over the past 10 months. The reports revealed the data from Mid-July 2021 up till now the overall crypto and blockchain job postings on the platform has increased up to 118% compared to what it was in early days of September last year.

The observed reports indicate that blockchain-related jobs tend to aim for higher-salary job postings, unlike other technological posts. The drive for the high salary postings is due to the high demand for strong knowledge in cryptography coupled with expertise in ledger economics along with object-oriented programming skills among other areas related to the sector.

Even decentralized finance (Defi) along with crypto and blockchain roles have gained attention in the educational sector as well. The recent report suggests that many developers in the educational sector, especially those in the programming field, are mostly self-taught, which implies that universities and educational programs are lagging in the sector.

As of July 16, the exponential growth in job postings caused a shift in the demand for roles that institutions are seeking. Management posts in the crypto and blockchain sector have increased up to 29.87% as of July 16, while the demand for human resources has in the crypto and blockchain field has risen to a solid 200% in the same time frame.

Meanwhile, software development jobs have decreased to 29.7% around the same time period along with blockchain posts accounting for 34.8% of the year 2020.

The reports encourage core developers and researchers in the field to engage with multiple partners and employers on various crypto projects due to the fact the decentralized industry relies on remote workers especially due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The reports did not provide data on the share of public and private sector blockchain firms seeking crypto talent, this year has seen the increasing demand for crypto experts by both sectors.

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