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Charles Hoskinson Addresses Issues Surrounding Alonzo Public Testnet 

A myriad of issues continues to trail Cardano’s Alonzo, the smart contract feature that will introduce DApps comprising DExes and non-fungible tokens on the blockchain for the first time. The latest comes on the heels of the integration of the first DApp (Minswap) on Alonzo public testnet with just a few days to the mainnet launch. In the wake of the controversy, Cardano creator issues a statement allaying concerns. Long-time critics of Cardano joined in the fray, too.

A short while after Minswap was deployed on the public testnet, users who sought to interact with the new DEX began experiencing concurrency issues. Cardano critics capitalized on this and put out scathing comments, one of which is that Alonzo’s accounting infrastructure is incompatible with concurrency. 

Anticipation Builds Up For Alonzo Mainnet Launch

The public testnet had gone live two days earlier (Wednesday, Sept. 1) enabling Plutus smart contracts to be deployed. While it publicized the launch of the public testnet, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), Cardano’s parent firm, noted on its Twitter page that it looked forward to the main event- the Alonzo mainnet launch.

Following its launch, Minswap became the first multi-pool DEX to ever grace the Cardano blockchain. According to its portfolio, Minswap is focused on becoming an unrivaled liquidity provider by unpacking the best variety of asset pool frameworks into one protocol. Minswap claims that combining these pools and concentrated liquidity will serve both liquidity providers and traders. 

However, Minswap’s launch seems to have been plagued with teething problems. After the issue concerning concurrency was brought to its notice, Minswap released a statement via its Twitter account, acknowledging the error and added that it was working on it. As of press time, the DEX was shut down, perhaps to fix the concurrency error.

In line with their unwritten tradition, Cardano critics took to various social media platforms, especially Twitter, berating Cardano for failing at sustaining the momentum that trailed the Alonzo project. They attributed the challenge faced by Minswap to Cardano’s resolve to utilize the Extended UTXO accounting framework. 

Cardano Critics Say Alonzo Dead on Arrival

On this basis, some critics alleged that other DApps or DEXes like Minswap were likely to encounter the same error. Others argued that Cardano smart contract functionality was dead on arrival, scuttling the blockchain’s chances of living up to the name given to it- the Ethereum Killer. One Twitter user stated that the UTXO accounting infrastructure is unsuitable in DeFi or for DApps. 

Meanwhile, Charles Hoskinson, in his characteristically defensive manner, distanced Cardano from the issues faced by Minswap. He added that Minswap had failed to build the first version of its DEX to fit public usage. Hoskinson asserted that the controversy or FUD surrounding the issue was unnecessary. 

The Cardano creator also mentioned that a Cardano summit slated for September 25 and 26 would feature tools that would assist DApps developers in solving concurrency and other complicated challenges. Cardano proponents agreed that the ruse generated by critics over the Minswap incident was needless.

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