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Cardano’s ADA Open-Source Wallet Has Seen A Massive Improvement In Performance

The push to boost Cardano‘s overall performance in the cryptocurrency market has seen its parent company, IOHK, announce the launch of the latest mainnet for the Cardano blockchain network.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, revealed that the coin had achieved an unprecedented improvement in performance following the release of the ADA Open-Source wallet, aimed at boosting the performance of the Cardano node.

According to Hoskinson, the improved performance did not surprise him because the Cardano development team, Input Output, had put in considerable effort behind the scenes to execute the planned upgrades, thereby making such remarkable results something to admire.

The recent release is in line to integrate the latest ADA wallet with the Cardano v.1.33.0 node for more enhanced performance and efficient system function. The upgrade also comes with an exceptional memory feature to maximize memory usage with the possibility of allowing computers with less memory to use the node runtime system (RTS). Memory optimization can help maximize inadequate memory space in some designs within the Cardano protocol.

However, the news of the massive performance improvement came at the same period when Cardano was still celebrating its milestone of surpassing 3 million Cardano wallet holders. Moreover, the combined total number of wallet owners with the ADA token has significantly grown compared to the previous year, signaling the rapid pace of growth the Cardano blockchain has experienced.

Taking us back to December 24, 2021, the combined number of Cardano wallets is 2.5 million. Since then, more than half a million ADA wallets have been added to the blockchain network. Growth. The growth aspect of the token has been in line with what the founder and other stakeholders have foreseen for Cardano when they set out the plan for Cardano to undergo total changes in the blockchain.

The move by Cardano is an exciting and intelligent thought strategy that requires commitment and diligent planning and execution to achieve the desired result. To talk about the market upturn alone is to downplay the efforts of the whole Cardano team for their exceptional vision to position the cryptocurrency as a leading player in the digital coin industry.

Basho Phase Revealed As Cardano To Move With Scaling Plan

Cardano announced its plans to scale its blockchain network at the beginning of the year by introducing numerous steps in upgrading its platform. Consequently, it mentioned the Hydra Solution as one of the most crucial parts of its upscaling. The Hydra is a system fitted with Layer 2 capabilities to secure the network and improve the scalability of the blockchain. The Basho Phase of the upgrade concerns network optimization and scalability. The Basho phase can only be completed by implementing the Hydra protocol.

Cardano appears to be at the tail end of the Basho phase once the scaling and network optimization are completed. In all these steps embarked upon by Cardano, the Hydra Head as the primary upgrade protocol is the crucial piece of the upscaling mission of Cardano.

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