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Step-By-Step To Creating Your Coinbase Account, To Buy & Sell Crypto

You are ready to start buying, selling, and trading Crypto. To do that, you need an on-ramp to get in. We suggest the easiest is Coinbase

In these step-by-step instructions, we will break down all you need to do for the novice to set up a Coinbase account.

What You Need To Get Started

You can create an account either by downloading the app to your Android or iPhone or create an account on a computer. It is way easier to do on a PC or laptop then phone, there are a lot of steps.

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • A government-issued photo ID (Take a picture of it or Scan it)
  • A computer or smartphone 
  • A phone number connected to your smartphone 
  • The latest version of your browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • Have Google Authenticator installed for Android, iPhone has something built-in (For Two-Factor-Authentication) 

Step-By-Step Instructions To Create Your Coinbase Account

  1. Create your account
    1. Individual
    2. Fill in your personal information
    3. Remember your password and store it somewhere
  2. Verify your email
    1. Go you your email and verify your email
      1. Make sure you check your junk mail folder as well
  3. Verify you identity
    1. Verify your phone number
      1. They will send you an SMS code
      2. Country you are in
    2. Verify your identity
      1. Name, Birthday, Address, Coinbase Questions(Investing, Occupation. Employed), Last 4 of Your SSN
      2. Total Value of what you expect to put into your account (Select dropdown)
      3. What industry you work in (Select dropdown)
    3. If you get an error click skip and try again, it saves what you put in
  4. Verify you identity
    1. You need to used you PC or phone camera to take a picture of you drivers license or upload a scanned version of it
    2. It will then take some time to process. You need to do this in order to send and receive crypto
  5. Add Payment Method (This is how you put cash into your Coinbase account to purchase Crypto)
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