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InvestPoint Review – Innovative Online Trading

InvestPoint is an innovative trading platform that allows investors unlimited access to all the leading cryptocurrencies, CFD, forex, and stocks. 

Top Benefits 

InvestPoint is not the world’s leading trading platform, but there are plenty of reasons why most traders will find it great for online trading. Here are the main perks of InvestPoint.

Access to Robust Investment Opportunities 

Unlike most trading platforms that limit traders to just a few assets and investments, InvestPoint allows investors access to a wide range of products. The platform supports crypto, CFD, forex, and stock trading. That ensures greater flexibility for traders and investors, enabling you to quickly find the most suitable trading instruments to match your investment goals.

Relatively Lower Fees 

Trading on InvestPoint is more cost-effective than other similar platforms. It charges a standard 1% transaction fee for crypto trading. However, CFD, forex, and stock trading are accessible on the platform. 

Innovative Trading Platform

InvestPoint has an easy-to-use and intuitive web platform and mobile app that allows you to trade and invest in greater comfort. Users can access a wide range of valuable features you can customize for a more personalized trading experience. The platforms also provide educational resources to make trading smooth and enjoyable. 

Round-the-clock Customer Support 

Crypto, CFD, and forex investing have unique risks. Therefore, investors need reliable customer support. InvestPoint offers 24/7 customer support via live chats, email, social media, and phone calls. 

InvestPoint Overview 

InvestPoint is not very different from other online trading platforms. However, it has some unique attributes that make it an excellent choice for traders and investors. Understanding those qualities can help you to make an informed decision on whether to sign up with InvestPoint or keep looking for other alternatives. Here are its main pros and cons. 


  • Supports more than 50 significant cryptocurrencies 
  • Access to CFDs, forex, and stocks 
  • Zero-commission forex, stock, and CFD trading 
  • Intuitive web and mobile trading platforms 
  • 24/7 Customer support 


Not available in all countries

Trading Platforms 

InvestPoint is a highly convenient marketplace with thousands of active daily traders and investors. They have an innovative web platform and mobile app with user-friendly interfaces and plenty of features for a smooth trading experience. Users can customize features such as price charts, lists, and other tools to their specific needs. However, the features vary slightly across the platforms. For example, the mobile app lacks some features found on the web platform. Both trading platforms are straightforward but inaccessible in some countries. 

Investment Products 

InvestPoint offers a wide variety of investment products and plans for entities and individual traders. They primarily focus on crypto trading, allowing traders access to more than 50 major cryptocurrencies. However, the platform supports relatively fewer crypto-to-crypto trading options. 

InvestPoint also offers traders and investors access to hundreds of profitable stocks, forex, and CFDs in the market. That makes it ideal for investors with diversification plans. Besides, the platform’s numerous investment products also ensure greater convenience in investing since traders can always get all the assets that they need under one roof.  


Selling or buying cryptocurrencies on InvestPoint attracts a transaction fee of 1%. That is relatively lower than what most similar trading platforms charge. However, trading CFDs, forex, and stock on the platform are free. Deposits are free, but a standard fee applies to all withdrawals. The platform also stipulates a minimum trade of $10.


InvestPoint offers a digital wallet, but traders can also use wallets obtained from other providers. Their digital wallets come with enhanced security and protections such as 2FA, ensuring an added layer of protection for investors’ funds.  

Customer Support 

InvestPoint also boasts outstanding customer support services, delivered via multiple channels. The platform supports live chats, but traders can also engage the customer support team through social media, emails, and phone calls. The web platform and mobile app also provide educational resources, including up-to-date market analysis and tutorials to guide traders and facilitate seamless investing. 

Is InvestPoint Right for You?

Overall, InvestPoint is an excellent platform for convenient crypto, CFD, forex, and stock investing. It boasts innovative and user-friendly features, relatively lower fees, and reliable customer services. However, the platform is currently undergoing development and is inaccessible in some countries. Nevertheless, InvestPoint is recommended for beginner investors and seasoned traders seeking diverse investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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