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Unknown Dogecoin Whale Added 420.69 Coins To $15 Billion Digital Assets

The world’s largest Dogecoin whale owns $15 billion worth of cryptocurrency and has recently bought additional Dogecoins at 420.69. The mysterious whale, whose identity still remains unknown, is considered to have stocked on the meme-inspired cryptocurrency over the years since its establishment.

According to the data from Bitinfocharts, the unknown whale’s address transferred 420.69 Dogecoins which are worth $192. The whale’s address has amassed 36.7 billion Dogecoins since 2019, and currently holds 28% of Dogecoin’s supply. With the recent rallies and celebrity endorsements set the prices at $0.3937, the dollar amount on the address now stands at $14.7 billion.

Many investors are pondering who or what is this mysterious Dogecoin whale. Their identity still remains unknown despite being active for the past 2 years, accumulating Dogecoin assets. Some investors speculate the address could be owned by an individual, a market maker, or it is indeed an exchange.

However, it is certain the whale’s recent investment of 420.69 Dogecoins was a nod to the popular internet meme numbers “420” and “69”, meaning whoever the person behind the whale’s address, they are certainly purchasing the cryptocurrency as a part of a gag, and will likely purchase more as a joke.

CoinDesk’s head of research Noelle Acheson stated a crypto address would have inflows and outflows. However, she points out the strange address has been exclusively accumulating Dogecoin over the years. On April 12, the address sold 100 million coins, which was its only sale in 2021.

Online forums speculate the address belongs to the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, who once claimed himself to be “The Dogefather”. Strangely, the address Dogecoins three separate times with the same amount of numbers 26.061871, a reference to Musk’s birthday which is June 28, 1971. Dogecoin currently sits at 6,500% a fiscal year.

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