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Sacramento Kings Offer to Pay Team Employees, Players Included, in Bitcoin

The Sacramento Kings have been supporters of crypto for quite some time now. Back in 2014, when Bitcoin was not receiving the mainstream attention it is today, they started to offer fans everything from tickets to hot dogs in exchange for the currency. This was a bold step to take at the time and their endorsement of crypto has only increased.

the organization’s top executive earlier this week revealed that the team is planning to offer to pay team employees, including their players, in Bitcoin.

I’m going to offer everyone in the Kings organization, they can get paid as much of their salary in bitcoin as much as they want, including the players,” Kings co-owner and CEO Vivek Ranadivé said on Clubhouse.

Despite these comments, it might not yet be possible as the league at this moment of time does not allow teams to pay their players in cryptocurrency. However, this has the potential to change quickly if some players agree to the proposal. 

Fellow NBA owner Mark Cuban was approached for comment about this speculation and despite being in favor of Crytpo he doesn’t necessarily agree with paying people in crypto. Basically stating that players themselves can make the decision to convert some of their earnings into the crypto markets.

“Any player can convert their income to any crypto they choose, Paying in BTC or any crypto doesn’t really do anything. I would rather keep my BTC.”

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