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Goldman Sachs Boss Reportedly Quits After ‘Substantial’ Dogecoin Profits

A managing director of Goldman Sachs has reportedly left the company after making millions from Dogecoin. A spokesman for the company confirmed that Aziz McMahon left after spending 14 years working for the well-known institution. Aziz was a managing director and head of emerging market sales based in London.

Despite these rumors of his resignment coming about because of his newfound wealth due to investments in Dogecoin, the spokesman said that he had no knowledge of such claims. This perhaps is to be expected as this might lead to some embarrassment for Goldman Sachs.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK said that they had inside sources which claimed that the reason for Aziz’s retirement was due to the ‘substantial amount of money he had made from investing in Dogecoin. A significant thing to clarify is that Aziz made all of this alleged money by trading in his own time supposed for the company Goldman Sachs.

He, as of yet has not given any official reason for his retirement but there are further rumors that he plans to start his own hedge fund. This will be an interesting story to follow and it would be fascinating to know how Goldman Sachs feels about losing one of their longest-serving members to what is thought of by many as a joke cryptocurrency.

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