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Fitness Trainer And Investor Jillian Michaels Supports Cardano And Dogecoin

Celebrity fitness guru and investor Jillian Michaels personal trainer for seniors disclosed her holdings of Dogecoin and Cardano. Michaels stated that she holds $10,000 worth of Dogecoin and has recently staked $500,000 worth of Ada on the Cardano blockchain.

According to Michaels, the fitness guru endorsed Dogecoin and Ada after the Shark Tank host, Mark Cuban criticized the merits of Cardano Blockchain and stated the digital asset had limited commercial use.

Alongside Elon Musk, Mark Cuban has endorsed Dogecoin numerous times in the past few months. The billionaire investor showed his support for Dogecoin by stating that his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks will accept Dogecoin payments for Maverick merchandise.

Although Michaels criticized Cuban’s stance on Dogecoin and Ada, she nonetheless expressed limited support for Dogecoin. In a recent tweet, she mentions making a sizable investment in Dogecoin by the end of April but did not mention the amount of investment other than implying it had doubled in value.

Jillian Michaels is known for her work in reality TV series and has taken an active role in several other series for NBC, and CBS. Her stake in ADA had shed some light on the cryptocurrency and will likely attract more attention as well.

Despite being in the top 5 cryptocurrencies, Cardano has received quite little celebrity endorsement. The meme cryptocurrency DOGE however has received numerous endorsements from celebrities and investors including the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, KISS frontman Gene Simmions, Shark Tank host Mark Cuban, and even the rapper Snoop Dogg. Dogecoin has also been commercially adopted by 1,300 merchants according to Cryptwerk.

Cardano has received little to no endorsement outside of the crypto industry. And it has been commercially accepted by less than 200 merchants. However, Cardano without this endorsement still sits in the top 5 coins in terms of market capitalization.

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