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Ethereum Developer Jailed Again

It looks like one developer just can’t keep himself out of trouble. Virgil Griffith, an American programmer, and Ethereum developer has been taken into custody once again after violating the terms of his bail. Griffith has been sent back to jail after he allegedly accessed his crypto account.

Griffith was remanded by the order of the United States District Judge P. Kevin Castel after the latter was reported to have accessed Ethereum assets held by Coinbase back in May.

Griffith, one of the Ethereum Foundation researchers, will spend two months in custody. Charged with conspiracy to violate sanctions with North Korea, Griffith faces 20 years in prison and is scheduled to be held on trial on September 21.

Under Law360, Judge Castel was concerned with flight risks since the Ethereum assets Griffith held had soared up to $1 million, which could have affected his decision to inspect his wallet, according to the Judge.

Regardless, prosecutors sought to remand Griffith on July 9 under the claims that he violated terms of the bail that restricted his internet use. He allegedly accessed Coinbase exchange to request the eradication of account security functions.

Griffith’s defence lawyers claimed the former’s attempt at accessing Coinbase was followed after he had consulted his counsellor. They added it was Griffith’s family in Alabama that attempted to access the account on his behalf.

Griffith was charged and accused on January 7, 2020, following his arrest earlier in November 2019 for conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Initially, Griffith was denied bail but was granted a bond order for a million by the end of December 2019.

Federal Authorities believe he assisted North Korea in money laundering schemes using cryptocurrency after a conference held in 2019. Griffith denied the allegations in 2020, stating he was not providing a service to the Korean officials, yet U.S lawyers claimed his argument was absurd.

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