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Elon Musk Builds Dogecoin Mining Rig With Kids, Price Goes Up

Last night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted, a fan of Dogecoin, Tweeted out that he and his kids put together their own Dogecoin mining rig. This was in response to a @Dogecoin retweet about the recent ‘Whale Wallet’ debate from Dogecoin developer Patrick Lodder we covered yesterday.

“I just set up some little Doge mining rigs with my kids. It was fun.”

Later a fan asked what GPU he was using, Musk responded.

Just some used Antminer L3+ rigs bought off eBay. Not really economic, but it was a fun family project.

After the tweet, per usual, the price of Dogecoin briefly spiked up to around $0.06.

Dogecoin Mining is not very profitable, you are better off just buying the coins rather than spending the money on computer parts. However, it is a great experience to see how mining coins works and learning how to build and set up your own computer.

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