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Dogecoin To Help Real-Life Dogs (and Cats) – Chicago-Based Animal Shelter Is Now Accepting Donations In Crypto Currenc

An animal shelter organization called PAWS Chicago in the Midwest city – which aims to have shelters stop the use of euthanasia for its dogs and cats – is now allowing donations in the form of digital currencies.

In a statement on Tuesday, PAWS Chicago stated that it would be accepting Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, as well as other tokens in order to support its operations ahead of its new hospital for vagrant dogs and cats. The establishment is in the hopes to targets a so-called tech-savvy demographic of prospective contributors, endorsing cryptocurrency donations with electronic billboards with a dog shooting laser beams out of its eyes.

To inaugurate this new offering and draw in incremental contributions, PAWS Chicago joined hands with an unpaid campaign with creative ad agency Leo Burnett, which made the most out of meme culture.

As reported by the organization, cryptocurrency donations may be used to further lead its endeavours of decreasing the number of shelter animals being subject to euthanasia in the US by neutering and spaying cats and dogs. The organization stated that it has, so far, provided 300K such surgeries in its twenty years of operation, helping bring down the number of homeless cats and dogs being killed in the Chicago region by 91 percent. The newly established health centre aims to better its efforts to save suffering animals.

The emblematic canine behind the entire Dogecoin venture was a Japanese breed called a Shiba Inu in a meme that became popular in 2013. Since then, DOGE has gained both popularity – majorly pushed by prominent figures including Tesla chief Elon Musk – and size as the value increased from less than a penny to a peak of 0.68 USD. At the time of writing, the value of the token is at 0.29 USD, having dropped 8 percent in the last twenty-four hours.

In other news, Dogecoin Foundation stated that it would be reinventing itself in an effort to offer support to the Dogecoin community and simultaneously promote the future of the blockchain. The organization stated that it would be revealing new projects in the next weeks to come. That would, according to them, be encouraging the adoption and utility of Dogecoin.

According to the organization, it was aiming to secure a deal with a three-year budget to bring onboard new team members in order to realize its goals.

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