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Dogecoin Risk Analysis: Medium Risk Investment According to Latest Data

3 Key Points

  • Dogecoin has a current InvestorsObserver risk score indicating moderate risk.
  • Price fluctuation and trading volume have led to an average risk ranking for DOGE.
  • The digital currency’s market cap and 24-hour trading volumes are key factors in this assessment.

Understanding Dogecoin’s Investment Risk

Recent analysis conducted by InvestorsObserver places Dogecoin in the medium risk category for potential investors. By measuring the capital required to influence price changes over the last day, in conjunction with volume and market cap fluctuations, InvestorsObserver’s system assigns a score between 0 and 100. A lower score indicates higher risk, while higher scores suggest less risk. This scoring system helps investors gauge the susceptibility of a cryptocurrency to market manipulation.

Assessment of Dogecoin’s Risk/Reward Score

The medium Risk/Reward Score attributed to Dogecoin provides a perspective for investors focusing on risk management. The goal is to sift through assets to either steer clear of or pursue investments with a certain risk profile. Dogecoin’s latest price downslide by 0.78% connects to below-average volume and a dip in market capitalization.

Market Dynamics and DOGE Valuation

Currently valued at $0.08, Dogecoin’s market value has slightly receded, recorded at roughly $11.41 billion. Likewise, the 24-hour trading volume hovers around $247.39 million. These figures contribute to Dogecoin’s assessment, implying a stable, yet cautious investment terrain due to the balance of price volatility and trading activity.

Comprehensive Analysis Summary

Dogecoin’s recent day-to-day trading presents a neutral standpoint for investors concerning the coin’s stability. Given the balanced change in its price against the backdrop of trading volume, Dogecoin’s position on the market is viewed as averagely risky at this time. For a detailed report on Dogecoin (DOGE), investors are encouraged to review the complete analysis to inform their investment decisions.

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