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Dogecoin: Price Analysis After Breakout to $0.06

Over the course of the last 24 hours, the crypto market has started to gain some momentum. Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the way and this momentum has now lead to several Altcoins seeing some gains which were lost during the market crash of last month.

DOGE has surged over 4% with the price going above 6 cents again. Although at the time of writing the price sits just below this milestone. The next challenge for the bulls will be 7 cents but what will need to happen for us to hit that price?

Will The Price Of Doge Continue To Rise?

Firstly, there is no escaping from the fact DOGE is still fighting to be treated with respect by certain sections of the crypto community. This has to be understandable considering the coin’s origins and the way it has reached notoriety. 

However, in recent weeks there appears to be a significant change in the way people think about DOGE due to its sustained price range as well as technological changes that are being made to make the cryptocurrency more useable.

If the price of Bitcoin continues to keep up the momentum of the last two days the charts give every indication that DOGE can easily experience gains of another 20% in the coming month but as history has always proven, external factors influence the price of DOGE maybe more so than any other coin.

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