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Dogecoin Co-founder Advocates for X App’s Success Amidst Social Media Rivalries

3 Key Points:

  • Billy Markus, Dogecoin co-founder, expresses staunch support for the X app.
  • Elon Musk’s innovations on X, including creator monetization, draws industry attention.
  • Speculations about an X metaverse stir the crypto and tech community.

Dogecoin Creator’s Endorsement of X

Billy Markus, the co-creator of the famed Dogecoin and notable advocate for Elon Musk’s ventures, has taken to social media to commend the X app. His endorsement comes as the rebranded platform, previously known as Twitter, continues to gain a new identity under Musk’s leadership.

Elon Musk’s Transformation of X

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter led to its transformation into the X app in late 2022. This evolution introduced tools designed to revitalize content creation, including features that enable extended posts and live broadcasts. High-profile individuals like Tucker Carlson have migrated to X to continue their public discourse in the wake of traditional media shifts.

X’s Creator Monetization Appeal

The X platform’s restructuring brought forth monetization and subscription opportunities, attracting creators with the promise of earnings through advertisements and subscriber contributions. Markus, among other creators, utilizes these features to secure income from dedicated followers, despite mixed feelings from the user base about the platform’s verification charges.

Musings on a Potential X Metaverse

In a vision for the platform’s future, Billy Markus tweeted the prospect of X hosting a metaverse, potentially competing with rival Meta’s version. This provocative idea aligns with the current trend of metaverse environments in the tech space, suggesting a battleground for user engagement and platform dominance.

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