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Burger King Collaborates With Robinhood To Give Away Crypto Assets In New Perks

Fast-food giant Burger King has recently announced their partnership with the famous investment platform Robinhood to give away digital assets to loyal members.

Burger King’s new Royal Perks, a loyalty program for members in the United States allows customers the chance to win some of the major crypto assets in the market, including the leading Bitcoin and Ethereum along with the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin. The Perks is available for anyone willing to spend at least $5 at any stores domestically or its own app starting from November 21.

Fast-food chains have been collaborating with crypto exchange platforms as the interest in the asset class continues to grow. According to Maria Posada, the vice president of the digital guest experience in Burger King North America, the company’s collaboration with Robinhood to offer crypto-assets to customers was deemed as a natural fit considering the ongoing hype surrounding cryptocurrencies.

The vice president added that the collaboration makes it easier for the customers to access crypto space by visiting their food joints. In terms of reward distribution system works, loyal customers at Burger King will receive Dogecoin as a reward, while 1 in 10,000 customers will receive Ethereum. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is rewarded to only 1 in 100,000 customers. The total prize pool for winners includes 2 million Dogecoins, 200 Ethereum tokens, and 20 Bitcoins for each winner.

The loyalty program requires members to earn ‘crowns’ for every dollar they spend while ordering food. The crowns can also be redeemed for additional fast food items in the future. Any member of Royal Perks who places an order of $5or more at a Burger King joint, or the restaurant’s app will receive a six-digit prize code through email.

Customers must have a Robinhood account to claim their prize, though existing customers of the platform do not need to create another. Burger King has confirmed that customers do not need to download the app to claim their prizes, ordering through their website can work the same.

Collaborating with Burger King could prove beneficial for Robinhood after the company saw an unsatisfactory third-quarter. Robinhood trading activities have declined since its surge in the second quarter of 2021, leading to a 78% drop in the company’s revenue. The partnership with the fast-food giant could assist the trading platform to latch on to the latest bull-run and return to add new customers.

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