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World’s Best Asset Manager Holds 384 million USD Worth of Cryptocurrency Mining Shares

Data offered by the 9 trillion USD international investment managing firm BlackRock show that the company has made substantial investments in two prominent exchange-traded cryptocurrency mining companies.

A filing submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on the 30th of June, unearthed by Forbes, goes to show that BlackRock holds a 6.71 per cent share in Marathon Digital Holdings and 6.61 per cent of Riot Blockchain.

All in all, the investments are valued at approximately 384 million USD with BlackRock having invested in about 207 million USD in Marathon and 176 million USD in Riot.

In accordance with Etf.com, iShares Russell 2000 ETF, owned by BlackRock, owns more shares in Riot and Marathon compared to any other ETF, whereas iShares Russell 2000 ETF comes third on the same gauge.

The aforementioned investments are not BlackRock’s very first in the virtual asset department. The company had filed an application with the SEC earlier in January for two of its owned funds to invest in all-cash Bitcoin futures agreements, before disclosing in April that its Global Allocation Fund had invested in a total of 37 Bitcoin futures deals from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Earlier this year, Rick Rieder, CIO of BlackRock, stated that the firm had begun to gradually dip its toes into cryptocurrency, adding that numerous investors were seeking out places that appreciate based on the supposition that inflation tends to go higher as debts keep accumulating. BlackRock had also cited Bitcoin in two separate prospectus registrations with the SEC, which implied that the asset manager had been using cryptocurrency derivatives in its investment program.

With some products providing investment firms regulated exposure for the cryptocurrency markets in the United States, cryptocurrency mining stocks have, in recent years, evolved into exceedingly popular investments.

Although Bitcoin has gone up approximately 288 per cent over the past year, Marathon’s stock has experienced an upsurge of 754 per cent and Riot has surged 848 per cent.

Vanguard Group and Fidelity Group are among the prominent companies that have gained substantial exposure to the Bitcoin mining sector during recent months.

As of now, according to Etf.com, Total Stock Market ETF owned by Vanguard and Information Technology ETF, are ranking as the fourth, as well as the fifth-greatest assets by Riot holdings. Meanwhile, Small-Cap ETF and Small-Cap Growth ETF, owned by the firm come as the fourth and fifth-most prominent ETF owners of Marathon shares.

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