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UK Watchdog Changes Bitcoin Ads Regulation To “red alert” Priority

Britain’s marketing regulator Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has declared repression on crypto ads, in a moment that the United Kingdom has been taking a strict regulatory stance on the cryptocurrency industry. The import local advertising industry organization intends to track fast deceptive crypto ads using AI and scraping.

According to the Financial Times report, ASA plans to dedicate the hunt to shutting down misleading crypto adverts. Its director of complaints, Miles Lockwood, declared that the authority would aim for irresponsible crypto ads shown online and on social media platforms. He clarified this by saying:

“We see this as an absolutely crucial and priority area for us. Where we find problems, we will crack down hard and fast.”

Lockwood commented that the ASA which had detected crypto ads as a “red alert” priority over financial adverts is now increasing its capacity to track suspect ads online using technology like scraping and artificial intelligence. 

In addition, is working with huge tech platforms to be able to remove illicit adverts as part of a separate effort. The plans also include emission warnings and may demand players to attach disclaimers in their advertisements.

financial complaints about the ASA leader, Louise Maroney has said:

“We do recognize that there are some types of media that we haven’t been able to address fully until now.”

It was reported that Asa renovated its attempts to supervise crypto ads on behalf of most crypto investments fall outside the scope of the U.K.’s rigid rules for promoting traditional financial products. The authority has been observing more ads in the crypto industry, removing some adverts by crypto exchanges, such as Coinfloor.

Despite the ASA’s raised attention to the crypto ad industry, the U.K.’s major financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), does not consider that crypto investment is mostly driven by ads. The FCA has written in its crypto consumer research released in mid-June:

“Only a minority of people buy digital coins based on advertising, but those who do so tend to have worse outcomes.”

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