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The CEO of eToro Says Bitcoin Is Here To Stay

Despite the volatility which has been largely caused by recent events, Bitcoin is still the leading and most dominant cryptocurrency in the market. While some regions are attempting to put a legal ban on digital currency, others are endorsing it such as El Salvador which has decided to adopt Bitcoin as a legal form of currency. Some experts believe that Bitcoin is the epitome of digital currency, and is unlikely to be banned.

An exclusive interview with the CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia was held during the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami. According to Assia, he claimed that Bitcoin was the ‘king of crypto’, and noted that the most dominant cryptocurrency is here to stay despite all of the bearish sentiment that continues to surround the markets.

It is unlikely that Bitcoin will not experience a significant rise in its prices in the next three or five years, Assia noted, implying Bitcoin prices will be in the lead in the future. He also implied that there were some regions in the world where the local currency is quite inadequate.

Guy Hirsch, the managing director of eToro U.S, believes that the people need to believe in the tenets of decentralized currency, as it is the best way for digital currency to expand. Hirsch added that separating the state and money is the right thing to do in the moral sense of Bitcoin.

In order to reach the decentralized future for Bitcoin, Assia announced that eToro will is working on bridging traditional finance with the modern crypto industry. According to the CEO of eToro, a combination of both crypto assets, and financial equities are essential for a decentralized future.

Assia believes that over $100 trillion will be transferred into digital assets in the next decade, a sign that financial assets will be incorporated into blockchain networks in the future.

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