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San Jose Sharks: The First NHL Team to Recognize Cryptocurrency

As of now, San Jose Sharks is the first NHL team to recognize cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for hefty payments. It is also reported that the Sharks will be collaborating with Bitpay to make the acceptance of cryptocurrencies possible.

The Sharks already accept PayPal, which has enabled fans and customers to invest in cryptocurrencies since the previous year. It was also revealed in May that PayPal is now going to enable consumers to withdraw their cryptocurrencies to third-party crypto wallets.

The president of San Jose Sharks, Jonathan Becher, wrote on Twitter that his team plans to first accept crypto for the purchase of season tickets, sponsorship agreements, and suite leases. He stated that PayPal’s venture into crypto made them feel more at ease in using it as a payment option. The team has already been allowing customers and fans to buy tickets through the payment platform.

He also added that using digital currency for minor purchases like single match tickets, merchandise, and food and drinks will be taken into consideration eventually.

When an individual on Twitter inquired about the possibility of this opening doors for NFTs or other kinds of crypto collectibles, Becher replied that it could well be possible. He also said that he was of the opinion that perhaps the blockchain will be impacting sports as well as entertainment more than people can fathom.

Becher is now noted to be yet another sports team owner or leader to fully support cryptocurrency as an option for payment in an apparently ever-growing trend. Other than him, Mark Cuban also completely embraced the use of cryptocurrencies. In fact, his support went to the extent that he even launched his own NFT marketplace under the name lazy.com. Dallas Mavericks of Cuba had also begun supporting Bitcoin in the year 2019.

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