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PR: $Greed Planning Major Metaverse Built On Cardano, Fans Can Watch Artists In Record Studio

One of the Cardano Blockchain’s first launches, $Greed, is planning a major Metaverse build for the Greed Ecosystem

$Geed’s featured Metaverse project is the building of a recording studio, where fans can see their favorite recording artists live streaming while working in the studio. Look for $Greed on Cardano.

Miami, FL, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Although $GREED has been planning on a major build in the Metaverse it seems many others are following suit. According to BenzingaFacebook’s Q2 2021 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others mentioned the metaverse 20 different times. Roblox mentioned the metaverse 16 times on its call and Unity Technologies did so 8 times. Why are leading social media and video game companies so enamored with this term? It’s because many expect the metaverse to emerge as the next evolution of the internet, presenting trillions of dollars of opportunities, as well as risks, to today’s leading platforms and internet giants. The Greed Metaverse build ties other utilities together in the Greed Ecosystem. Greed is a hybrid rewards-utility token and is one of the first to launch on the Cardano Blockchain.

One of the Cardano Blochain’s first launches, $Greed, is planning a major Metaverse build for the Greed Ecosystem

Grammy Award winning producers and song writers, Cool & Dre, teamed up with lead developer Captain Awesome (Peter Parente) to launch the first crypto music label, Greed Music. One of the featured Geed Metaverse projects will be the building of a recording studio, where fans can see their favorite recording artists live streaming while they work in the studio. There will also be a virtual concert venue for live streaming performances. Recently, Ariana Grande hosted a virtual live concert via the popular Video Game Fortnite, where she sold 5 million tickets(at $5 a piece). The Metaverse project ties the Music project into the Greed NFT Marketplace because you will need special NFT keys to access these areas. You will also be able to buy collectible music and art NFTs as well. And don’t forget your drivables, wearables, and accessory NFTs for your Metaverse avatar. The Ecosystem will also include the GreedSwap, farms, staking pools, and multichain NFT Marketplace powered by PARADOXNFT.

NewsBTC reports ADA has about 2,300 smart contracts loaded up and ready to go, but within that gang of contracts more than 200 of those won’t see the light of day just yet, according to Cointelegraph. Cardano has some game-changing contracts that remain time locked and unavailable to the public, and many of these very notable projects are not yet ready for the world. However, changing landscapes could come in to play that will change that. One of frozen few is GREED, a rewards token that is redistributing ADA back to holders and providing a new way to distribute and stream both live and recorded music.

This list also includes SingularityNET and Cardax – two notable projects with a lot eyes waiting to see what’s next as time progress. As things unfold and more countries address much-needed regulations to crypto currency, all we can do is sit and see what’s next for these projects as we wait to find out who will join the list or make a debut. While you are waiting for Greed to launch you can check out Greed’s pup who is already trading. $BabyDogeInu is currently trading and is part of the Greed Ecosystem known as the HODL token. Greed’s pup will be supported with a buy back feature from Greed as well as being provided other utility. The Baby Doge Inu game showcasing all the $GREED NFTs is soon to launch as well so keep your eyes open.

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