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Plutus Contract Goes Live On Alonzo Testnet, Cardano

Cardano, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, has been the latest hot-topic of the internet, and the most discussed altcoin as of late. Recently, Cardano took its first step towards launching its first testnet, the Alonzo rollout. Ever since the announcement, many investors have been eagerly anticipating its further development.

Today, Cardano has once again been featured on the headlines regarding a conversation between the Marketing director of IHOK Tim Harrison, Delivery Lead Dimitris Poulopoulos, and the Head of Delivery Nigel Hemsley. Discussions were held highlighting the latest updates of Goguen Alonzo Development.

Perhaps the most crucial development of the testnet was tweeted by IOHK with an announcement of the Plutus smart contract on the Cardano testnet. The so-called smart contract is written in a programming language that is exclusive to Cardano, called Plutus.

As a major part of the Alonzo Blue phase, Plutus incorporated a command-line interface (CLI) for writing ‘Hello word’ in the smart contract. The Alonzo Blue phase is the initial phase of Alonzo that includes a limited number of staking pool operators, and Cardano ADA blockchain enthusiasts, also known as pioneers.

For additional support of such developments and experiments, the project has been in collaboration with various external teams, including Altlabs, Eleks, Mlabs, and Obsidian among other partners to work on each case. These include an extensive range of decentralized financial segments such as decentralized digital assets exchange, decentralized data oracles, liquidity and staking pools, lending and borrowing tools, and NFTs.

The project will move on to the next phase, Alonzo White, which will incorporate 500 community members, pioneers, and operators if successful. The project will be fully public for all pioneers in the last phase, Alonzo Purple.
The smart contracts as per the rollout plan are scheduled to be implemented by September.

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