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PayPal Assembling Crypto Team As Bitcoin Adoption Continues To Grow In Ireland

The global payments provider company PayPal has been reported to seek new recruits for cryptocurrency-based vacancies at its offices in Ireland. PayPal’s recent job vacancies further cement the company’s ambitions in expanding its crypto services to users in Ireland and its indulgence in the ever-growing digital asset market.

PayPal had launched a crypto-based division dedicated to blockchain businesses and cryptocurrencies earlier this year. The crypto services division highlighted the company’s goals in entering the crypto space, a plan that PayPal initially worked on in October of 2020. PayPal aimed at enabling customers in the United States to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

By March 2021, the company expanded its services by allowing U.S-based customers to use their crypto assets holding as means of transactions. Thereby, allowing users to pay for goods and services with digital assets. Two months after the announcement of payment methods, PayPal stated that it will now allow customers to withdraw their digital asset holdings to third-party wallets.

According to a recent report by a Dublin-based publication company, PayPal is now hiring fresh recruits for its various office roles in Ireland to fill up crypto-based offices. The vacancies require workers with knowledge and expertise in the crypto space. The reports also state that new recruits will be working on roles in compliance with the anti-money laundering and business developments schemes for PayPal’s Dublin and Dundalk-based offices in Ireland.

The Chief Executive of PayPal, Dan Schulman, stated his views on the company’s crypto business. According to Schulman, PayPal had exceeded all expectations in the first two quarters of 2021 by conducting crypto-based operations. The overall crypto market was pushed to about $2.6 trillion valuations after the rapid uptake of digital assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum coincided with a massive price surge. Even though the prices for the crypto assets have been thoroughly corrected between the months of May and July, the crypto market appears to be at a bottom and is currently trekking upwards once more.

PayPal intends to expand its services in other localities after the company’s successful earnings set the bar high. According to Schulman, PayPal will be expanding its crypto trading services to the citizens in the United Kingdom in the upcoming months. Schulman also added that the crypto-based services will undergo upgrading to increase transaction speed and processing in the development.

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