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Number of Individuals Holding Bitcoin Multiplied Times Three Since 2018

A recently conducted survey has demonstrated that the world’s leading currency has gained momentum with younger US investors in terms of interest, awareness, and ownership throughout the previous three years.

The study carried out by international analytics and consultation company Gallup has shown that the number of investors in the US owning Bitcoin has leaped from 2 percent three years ago in 2018, to 8 percent as of June this year. The study refers to “investors” as adults having invested 10K USD or more in mutual funds, bonds, or stocks.

It also revealed that Bitcoin holdings amongst investors surveyed with ages under 50 years have more than tripled throughout the previous three years to 13 percent from a mere 3 percent in 2018. As expected, it demonstrated that ownership was a lot lower at only 3 percent for the above 50s group of individuals, however, this has also seen a threefold increase from 1 percent in 2018.

The researchers observed that Bitcoin’s somewhat modest proprietorship can be contrasted with more conventional investments. The study demonstrated that 84 percent of the holders surveyed reported having bought into mutual funds or stock index funds, while 67 percent stated that they were holding individual stocks. 50 percent out of them own bonds.

The platform stated that at 6 percent Bitcoin proprietorship is more similar to gold, which 11 percent of individuals state they hold.

The poll results happen to come out of the Gallup Investor Optimism Index survey carried out between June 22 to 29 this year. This was carried out among 1037 US investors aged 18 years and above.

The study sample turned out to demographically represent the US adult populace, the highest margin of sampling error is around 5 percent.

Other results show that the risk perception connected with Bitcoin has dropped in the past three years. Approximately all individuals surveyed recognized Bitcoin as an investment risky in nature. The percentage referring to it as very risky has dropped from 75 percent to 60 percent over those years. A majority of the remaining 35 percent now perceive it to be somewhat risky. The remaining 5 percent believes it does not carry any risks.

Another similar survey that polled investment firms in May and June demonstrated that above 80 percent of asset managers and investment fund executives surveyed, ones already owning cryptocurrency, aim to increase their investments.

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