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Middle East’s Rising Dominance in the Crypto Market, According to Bitget Research


Bitget Research unveils a report highlighting a significant surge in cryptocurrency trading activity in the Middle East, with traders and regulations setting new trends for the global crypto landscape.

Why It Matters

This surge signifies a notable shift in the global cryptocurrency dynamics, emphasizing the Middle East’s growing influence on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption. For investors, this region’s burgeoning market presents both novel opportunities and challenges, amid evolving regulatory landscapes and investment preferences.

By the Numbers

  • Active crypto traders in the Middle East have spiked to 500,000 in 2024, a 166% increase from the previous year, with expectations to hit 700,000 by year-end.
  • 72% of UAE users invest in Bitcoin, showcasing the country’s leadership in regional crypto adoption.
  • The price of Bitcoin dropped about 10% within two hours amidst geopolitical tensions in mid-April, underscoring the region’s impact on crypto market volatility.

What’s Next

Anticipated advancements include the continuous growth of local trading activity, further regulatory developments potentially impacting global exchanges, and the evolving landscape of digital asset preferences among Middle Eastern investors.

The Big Picture

This emerging crypto powerhouse, led by the UAE, is not only reshaping its economic landscape but is also poised to influence global market trends. As the region navigates through cryptocurrency adoption and regulation, its role in the global market could offer insights into future developments in the digital asset space, particularly in how emerging markets can impact and be integrated into the wider financial ecosystem.

What are your thoughts on the Middle Eastern crypto market’s potential to shape global cryptocurrency trends? Share your insights in the comments below.

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