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Jack Dorsey’s Bullish Bitcoin Forecast: $1 Million and Beyond by 203


Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and Block CEO, predicts bitcoin will reach at least $1 million by 2030, driven by increased adoption and ecosystem improvements. This bullish outlook coincides with bitcoin’s recent surge past its all-time high.

Why It Matters

Dorsey’s prediction carries weight given his influence in the tech and crypto world. If realized, a $1 million bitcoin price would give the cryptocurrency a market cap of $20 trillion, potentially reshaping the global financial landscape and attracting even more institutional investors.

By the Numbers

  • Bitcoin price prediction by Jack Dorsey: At least $1 million by 2030
  • Implied bitcoin market cap at $1 million per coin: $20 trillion
  • Bitcoin price growth since last year: More than doubled
  • Block’s monthly bitcoin investment: 10% of gross profit from bitcoin products

What’s Next

Block’s ongoing commitment to bitcoin, including its hardware wallet launch and plans for a full bitcoin mining system, could further drive adoption. As more companies follow suit and regulatory clarity improves, bitcoin’s trajectory towards Dorsey’s $1 million target may accelerate.

The Big Picture

Dorsey believes the internet will eventually have a native currency, and bitcoin is the leading contender. As existing and emerging financial systems operate in parallel, bitcoin’s growth could lead to a more decentralized and economically empowered future.

Do you agree with Jack Dorsey’s $1 million bitcoin price prediction by 2030? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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