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GTA 6 Will Feature A Fictional Crypto Payment

Rockstar, one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry has spoken about adding a unique cryptocurrency feature in their most ambitious project yet, Grand Theft Auto 6. According to the developers, a built-in crypto feature in the game will reward players with this currency after finishing certain missions similar to previous entries. This added feature in one of the biggest gaming genres contributes to endorsing the real Bitcoin and raises its awareness even further into the mainstream media culture.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is without a doubt the most ambitious entry to the GTA series which fans have been looking forward to for many years. According to leaks from insiders, the new in-game cryptocurrency feature is rewarded for players that run errands and complete objectives for big shot contractors in the game who will remain anonymous. According to Tom Henderson, one of the insiders, he revealed in a tweet stating the world of GTA 6 will feature a stock market system with brokers available for different cryptocurrencies. If incorporated into the game, the endorsement will be a huge boost for the real crypto market.

While Henderson did not state the final name of the in-game cryptocurrency, he did clarify it will not be Bitcoin itself. He was fairly confident about its addition to the game. Henderson has previously leaked information of other popular gaming franchises such as Call of Duty, and Battlefield, all of which turned out to be accurate.

The appearance of bitcoin or a fictionalized cryptocurrency in the most beloved gaming franchises in the world is certain to raise the popularity of the real-life cryptocurrency in several media. Bitcoin in particular has been mentioned in several shows and video games such as an episode of Family Guy, and as a reference in a Spiderverse movie.

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